Who I am...


Robin Marsh is a UX designer, illustrator and visual designer in Seattle, WA.


What I do...


Synthesize the data & Define the problem.

Explore solutions.

Design and Prototype.

Test. Iterate. Test. Iterate. Release. Measure. Iterate... You get the picture.


How I got here...

Robin studied at the Glasgow School of Art and Pacific Lutheran University, graduating with a BFA in 2-dimensional art. After college she worked as an illustrator for local real estate companies, and honed her graphic design skills with Seattle creative agency Dec-o Media.

For over 15 years, Robin has been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, working in both digital and print media. Since 2015, she has been developing her skills in user experience design, using the iterative design process to design and create web experiences for unique and specialized user personas. Wanting to gain a more formal education in user experience design, Robin completed General Assembly's UX design course.


Building connection and the shared experience.

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