Cinema-Sonic is a Seattle-based music and audio production company, specializing in creating high quality orchestral recordings for film, games, commercials, and TV. 

I was hired to create their visual brand strategy as well as design their website. 


My Role

I was a one stop shop for this project

  • UX design, UX writing and UX Research for their website, including prototyping, usability testing.

  • Visual design & branding (logo, all print materials and digital assets).



  • Create a website and visual design branding in a short time frame.

  • Create a streaming portfolio of past work in both audio and video formats.

  • Focus placed highly on orchestral services.

  • Highlight the various services offered.

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Cinema-Sonic's ideal users are indie game developers, independent movie producers and producers of TV & commercials.

USER Goals

  • To easily navigate through the website, finding information about services needed.

  • To be able to listen to sample audio, and sample video.

  • Easy contact point and quick response time to inquiry.

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COmpetitive RESEARCH

Most of the other high end audio production company websites I researched had huge lists of Gear: microphones, mixing boards, outboard gear, instruments and down to the tiniest minutia of gear. This is definitely the driving distinction that Cinema-Sonic wanted to divert from.  They offer the same services, but as the stakeholders said "We can record anywhere, borrow any gear we might not have, but it's not the gear that makes the music. It's the musicianship and the ears."

Take away: Website should provide a personalized approach with a focus on musicality, while still educating and describing the services offered. 




The focus of Cinema-Sonic’s service flow was to provide educations about each available service offering, with each page providing an opportunity for the user to make contact with the company via the "Tell us about your Project" page.




Early Wireframes


Early Site Map





  • Streaming video portfolio: Stakeholders wanted to be able to update the playlist in the future, so we created a vimeo playlist that syncs to the website.

  • Streaming audio portfolio: Again, the team is able to easily update this portfolio by adding songs to their soundcloud playlist.

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  • Service pages: Description of what services are provided, clearly spelling out all the types of services offered, with a link to audio examples as well as inquiry page.

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Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 8.46.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 8.45.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 8.47.02 PM.png
  • Team: Page shows all members of the the Team and further links to individual bio pages for each member in the Cinema-Sonic team, highlighting their individual projects.

Artboard 3.png
Artboard 4.png


Cinema-Sonic wanted imagery and visual design to invokes a vintage audio / cinematic feel.  

  • I develop the logo.

  • Created social media pages and associated digital banners and profile imagery.

  • Printed material for GameSoundCon: business cards, 3x5 card advertisements, letterhead, and promotional banners.

  • Creation of all digital assets for the website.


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photo: Dai Ross Photography

photo: Dai Ross Photography