Phillip Peterson


Peterson is a Grammy nominated composer, orchestrator and performer with more than 10 platinum and gold records to his credit and whose work has contributed to Telly award-winning advertising campaigns. The objective was to create a new website to highlight Peterson's portfolio of current work and to provide a place for prospective clients to listen to his current work. 

My Role

  • UX design, UX writing for the website.
  • Creation of visual assets and visual design.


the USERs 

  • Music industry producers, bands, and songwriters who need orchestrations or string arranging for their projects.  
  • Curious music consumers who want to know who was playing strings on their favorite song.
  • Advertising agencies, TV/ film producers looking for composers.


  • Listen to examples of work with the option to purchase or download examples.  
  • See video examples of work.
  • Contact information for inquiry.


Competitor Research

Other orchestral / string arranger's websites that I researched were overcrowded with poorly organized with repetitive details. For example: some artists had separate sections for purchasing songs, as well as another section that described how the artist contributed on each musical track, and yet another section that described instrumentation. The result was clumsy and repetitive.  It was clear that I needed to rethink how to present the vast amount of information needed and desired by industry users, in order to provide a sleek portfolio.

My solution

I designed a simple solution that provides the user with basic information at first glance. However what if the user wants to know more? 

By scrolling over the album picture the underlying layer reveals the name of the tracks performed on, the instruments played, and link icons for various streaming platforms to listen or to purchase each track.  


The website

phil with NOcco.jpg